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Stewarding Services

Cully started stewarding in 2014 and professionally in 2018, in that short while he has earned the respect of many of his Peers and Judges he has worked with Well stewarding, All-Breed, Group and Specialty shows, Including Prestigious shows and Multiple National Specialties both on his own and as part of a team.

He Would love to work for you at your shows

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Cully is a member of two professional stewards organizations,

Cully Serves as a Chief Stewards for Both clubs

"How about the energizing Cully Leck - a young man whose ring stewarding skills were appreciated at the recent Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club shows where he was chief ring steward on Saturday? Cully's positive and gregarious attitude in his jobs is a joy to behold as even the dogs seem energized. Young people like him and Elliott Wentzel and others give us hope for the future." -Pat Trotter "Inside the sport, A time to give thanks" Dog news magazine November 19, 2021

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