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Border Collie Society of America National Specialty

November 3rd-5th, 2023 in Grey Summit, MO

Show Co-Chairs: Diana Smith & Pamela Norman

Show Secretary: Cullen Leck VDS

Show Superintendent: Rau Dog Shows

Show Site Address:

Purina Farms Event Center,

300 Checkboard Dr,

Gray Summit, Missouri 63039



All Sweepstakes Classes: Donna Lawson

National (Saturday)

Regular Classes: Mrs. Debra Gschwender

Non-Regular, 4-6 Beginner Puppy, 6-9 Puppy Dogs

& Jr Showmanship: Ms. Robyn Powley

Regional (Sunday)

Regular Classes: Mr. Jon Cole

Non-Regular Classes & 4-6 Puppy: Mr William Daugherty

Jr Showmanship: Ms. Ronda Bermke

Rally/Obedience Trials:

Rally Trial 1 (Friday): Stephanie Podejko

Rally Trial 2 (Friday): Barbara Wedekind Selton

Obedience Trials on Saturday & and Sunday:
Classes split between Barbara Wedekind Selton & and Stephanie Podejko

See premium/ JP for exact classes

Other Judges and Premiums for other events are listed on the BCSA website:

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